I don’t much like eating sweets. I’ve never been the typical chocolate lover. My weakness is salty fatty savoury deliciousness. If I see pork crackling, creamy pasta sauces, salami, cheese, I just want to eat it. Which is why knowing how to make butter is a dangerous thing for me. However, today I made some.

It’s really simple, honestly, and many of us have accidentally made it when we over-whipped cream for pancakes on a sunday morning. So, as my first procedure on this blog, I thought I’d start with an easy one.

Butter is just the fat solids from cream, so all you really need is some good quality cream (the cheap stuff makes for cheaper-tasting butter). The amount you need depends on how much butter you want in the end. I always buy four little 200ml cream containers and that makes about 400g butter. Actually I don’t have scales so that is a total guess but in the end it looks like about one and a half ‘things’ (sticks?) of butter.

So I gathered together the cream and a stick blender. I have never done the whole manual-beating thing for making butter but I’m sure it’s rewarding if you want to give it a try. Other things I used are: salt (mmm, salted butter); a mixing jug/bowl; a sieve; a bowl to catch all the buttermilk; and containers for the buttermilk and the finished butter.


So I poured the cream into my mixing jug and got mixing. It takes a good five minutes or so for it to go from this:


To this:


And finally to this:


Looks gross hey?

So then the whole lot goes into the sieve and I squeezed it out, being careful not to squish too much through the sieve as it’s hard to get it back once it’s too squished. It was hard to get a picture of it from this point on but here’s a blurry one showing the buttermilk coming out through my fingers.


So basically the butterball has to be squeezed until all the buttermilk comes out. Typing butterball makes me giggle. Apparently at this stage you can also wash the whole thing to get the last of the buttermilk out but I’ve never bothered. The advantage to washing out the buttermilk is that the butter doesn’t go off so quickly, but it never has a chance to in my house. If you don’t rinse it at this stage the butter lasts for probably a week or so. Actually now that I think about it, it would probably have the same use-by date as the original cream did. Yes, that makes sense.

If you’re not into salted butter then you’re all done. I added salt because I think it’s delicious.  I put the butterball on a chopping board and flattened it out a bit, sprinkled salt all over and folded the butter in on itself a few times. You need your salt ready to go – or have a helper on standby – so that your salt shaker doesn’t end up oily. That happened the first time I made my own butter. Not recommended.

Put your butter in a container and label it so that you don’t forget how long it’s been there. Keep it in the fridge. Eat on bread or by the spoonful!


I keep my buttermilk. It needs to be in the fridge too. The buttermilk can be used to make bread, pancakes, cakes, whatever. I make a yummy soda bread sometimes, and will post about that at some stage. I ended up with about 400ml.


So that’s it! Overall, this one is a success. My photo skills need a bit of improvement but other than that I’m happy with it. Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed reading!




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