Money Tree.

This weekend my fiancee’s best friend is getting married. I’ve got my dress all picked out, as long as the weather isn’t too horrible, and I’m getting my hair cut on Friday. So that’s all sorted. Anyway, as a gift we’re giving them a monetary contribution. Apparently it is typical for German wedding gifts, to attach the money, in small notes, to a houseplant. I think normally you’d just tape the flat notes to the leaves with tape but since I had so much time on my hands I decided to take a leaf (haha) from this origami tutorial I found here:

No progress photos on this one but the finished product came out great, I think!


I stuck to the tutorial pretty closely except that Euros aren’t as long as the US dollar bills so I had to fold in at an angle rather than straight. Play around and see what works best with your currency, if you’re giving it a try. Also I used satin cord for tying the leaves to the plant and that was a bad idea. The simple knots and bows I tried at first wouldn’t stay done up so so I’ve used square knots and double bows, which are staying put so far. I’d recommend a twine or something with a bit more grip. Maybe that’s why the tradition usually goes for the tape option… All told it took me about four hours, but if I’d had better cord it would probably have taken three or less.

It reminded me of all the origami I used to do as a kid. Funny thing was I could never make a decent paper aeroplane. Maybe that’s a project for another day. Anyone know a good paper plane design? Let me know in the comments below!





2 thoughts on “Money Tree.

  1. This for the origami leaves but couldn’t see a comment box for it. Tried same with Aussie $10 note but no luck…just keeps unfolding. Plastic money origami unfriendly!!!

    • Oh that’s a shame! I suppose you could try ironing it on a low setting, but that would make it so much more work and maybe it would still undo anyway. Monopoly money would work 😉

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