Phone Case.

So about two weeks ago, before I had my sewing machine, I decided that I would sew a phone case for my fiancee Dom’s mobile phone. It’s a smart phone and relatively new, and since I’m someone to drop my phone all the time I figured maybe one day I might accidentally drop his too. So as a precaution I sewed a little fabric envelope-style case. It was sad-looking and I wouldn’t let him use it even if he wanted to. So today I made another attempt. In the past couple of weeks I’ve learned about a little thing called interfacing. If you don’t know what that is, like me-of-two-weeks-ago, it’s a thin material that you can sew or iron onto the ‘wrong’ side of cloth to make it sturdier and keep the sagginess at bay. I use the iron-in stuff and it’s awesome.

So I have some nice thin 100% cotton for this project and to start I made two phone-sized envelopes, one outer and one a couple of millimetres narrower for the lining.  I had traced around the phone onto a bit of paper last night so I had the dimensions. I wanted a fold-over top part and so made one edge of each envelope a couple of centimetres longer than the other.


Sorry about the blurriness. Used my phone instead of my actual camera for some reason. Anyway I stitched these up and lo and behold I did it wrong. So after unpicking all those stitches I tried again. Success! To stitch this up (correctly…) put the ‘right’ sides of the two enveloped together and stitch up the three sides of the long edge of the envelope. Then feed the lining carefully into the outer layer and hand-stitch up the last edge (tucking in the raw edges first).

I used a press-stud as a fastener because I had some at hand, but you could use velcro or a button or an elastic strap or whatever. Or just tuck the long edge in.


It turned out pretty well I think – although I can’t actually check if it fits as Dom isn’t home from work yet and I’m about to leave for a trivia night, so I’ll have to wait til morning to find out. I can always find another use for it if I need to. My phone fits it, for example (cue evil villain laughter…).


UPDATE: It fit Dom’s phone and he loves it! It’s quite snug at the moment but since it’s cotton it will probably give a little over time. So my first sewing project for this blog was a success, I do declare. Hope you like it too!


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