I’m calling today’s creation a shrug, though I’m not really fashion-conscious enough to know the difference between a shrug and a bolero and a short cardigan. Anyone know and care to enlighten me? Anyway, it turns out that the weather will be a bit miserable on Saturday, and as my dress for the wedding we’re going to is strapless, I realised I needed something to cover up my arms and shoulders. We will be inside most of the time but I hate having cold arms so it seemed like a good idea.

I found this lovely cotton jersey knit in a bottle green and thought it’d go well with the yellow of my dress. After searching online in vain for exactly the type of thing I was after, I decided jut to wing it. I wanted long sleeves, so first I went to my wardrobe and found a long sleeve top that fits me well, and copied the sleeve and upper back shape.



Now, for some reason I only bought half a metre of this fabric, so once I had the back and sleeves cut out my supplies were growing thin. This limited my options, but I made two longish triangles that were (roughly) the same size, and attached them with pins to get an idea of the shape.

At this point it looked like this:Image

I actually didn’t mind this but the fit was a bit weird and the front panels were a few inches longer than the back so I added a couple of darts under the arms, fixed up that one baggy sleeve and the weird puff shoulder look, and sewed all the raw edges. This is the finished product:




Originally I was planning to cut off/reshape the pointed bottom front hems, but I actually decided I like them that way. If I had have had enough fabric I would probably have made it longer in the back to cover the ribbon but I’m fairly satisfied with the whole thing. What do you think? Of course in case it’s really wintery I’ll be taking a proper jacket as well. So mum, dad, if you’re reading this – I’ll be sure to keep my kidneys warm!

For this I actually had to use a twin needle for the first time, for the stretch stitch (like on your t-shirt hems). This is a twin needle:


It looked scary but after a couple of practices on a scrap bit of material I actually found it as easy to use as the single needle. So, only the usual number of screw-ups. I’m getting better, though.

That’s it for now, I’m calling this one an accidental success.




4 thoughts on “Shrug.

  1. I am impressed! I have never sewn with twin needles before! Well done Luci! I think you are really creative anyway and now you are even more so. Love, Mum xx

    • Thanks! My machine actually has two spool holder stick things on top, but if yours doesn’t you could probably just use short spools or bobbins and put one on top of the other, should work 🙂

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