Soda Bread.

After making butter, I had leftover buttermilk. So what to do with it? Make bread!

Soda bread is bread that rises due to baking soda rather than yeast. As yet I’ve only made yeast bread once and it was a bit of a disaster, but I’ll try to get better next time. Meanwhile, soda bread is easy and yummy.

I used this recipe, but I used only white flour as that’s all I had on hand. I found I had to add a bit more buttermilk than it said, or maybe I was using the wrong sort of pint measurement. Anyway, in the end it turned out like this:


I of course had to test it with my homemade butter:



To go along with dinner – roast veggies and mustard-marinated pork – I decided to make garlic bread. I often decide to make garlic bread. I used half my own homemade butter and half store-bought which I had in the fridge, just to conserve the good stuff. Into the butter mix parsley and crushed garlic, a bit of salt and pepper, slice the bread up and slather on the mix and into the oven it goes. It comes out looking like this:


But only for a little while as it all got eaten quickly.

This bread is definitely not one you’d want to let sit around for days before eating. Eat it the day of or day after baking, so it doesn’t dry out.

This I’d actually made a couple of times previously and definitely call it a win. Hope you like it!




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