Record Bowl.

Today’s post is something I actually made about a month ago. I was at the local Döner takeaway waiting for my order, and noticed a bunch of books, CD’s and records with a note saying help yourself. I’d seen a post on some blog or another (sorry whoever gave me the idea, I didn’t make a note of it!) that you can make a bowl out of a record, so I gave it a go. I picked the ugliest album cover available:


And got to work. Basically you put the album on an upside-down oven safe bowl, heat to about 80-90 degrees, and let it droop a bit. then you grab it out and can, while it’s still warm, mould it. It’s a bit tricky to work with and I had to put it back in the oven twice before I got it right, and in the end it looked like this:


It’s super-easy and I recommend it if you’ve got a record you’ll never want to listen to again. What do you think?

Also please note I probably won’t be posting tomorrow as I’m going to a wedding. I’ll put two posts up on Sunday to make up for it. And I’ll be wearing one of my creations tomorrow, too, yay!




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