Laptop Bag.

As promised, I’m posting twice today. This one I’m particularly proud of.

So I’m starting my new job tomorrow, which will be my first-ever job in Germany. I’m nervous and have spent the last week or so distracting myself with other activities. I’ll have to take my own computer with me to work for the first little while, as they’re still organising one for me. So I needed something to carry my in, on my way to work and back home.

I found this cool typewriter fabric at the sewing store:


and with the help of my good friend interfacing, I turned it into a tough enough fabric for handling the weight of my computer. I wanted a bag big enough to double as a handbag, as I hate having to carry two bags to work. So I cut out pieces of the fabric that would give a couple of inches on each side and at the top as well, and sewed them up. I used a plain black lining and I would have interfaced that too except I (of course) hadn’t bought enough interfacing. Oh well, it works OK without it. Oh and I sewed all the seams twice, for extra strength. I’ve killed one laptop before and I don’t want to do it again.

For both the lining and the outer layer I made boxed corners, to give it a 3D shape. Boxed corners are awesome and easy; I learned them here. Then I put the right sides together (so outer layer inside the lining), sewed up around the top leaving about 15cm open through which I turned it right-side out. Then I ironed down the seam and sewed it again all the way around.

I interfaced another piece of black cloth and made a nice big inside pocket for all little things like keys and lipgloss.


I made the handles using both the black and the typewriter fabric, one on each side. I interfaced this too. I used double stitching on the handles too. When stitching the handles on I managed to break a needle which was weirdly exciting as I’d never done it before. If you try this sort of thing yourself, go slow over the thick parts or this could happen:


The plan was to put velcro in a couple of spots along the top, but I ran out of thread so that will have to wait. I think it came out nicely though, overall, and after using it this weekend as an overnight bag I know that it is big enough and strong enough, so that’s a big plus! What do you think?


A big welcome to all my new followers and visitors, thanks for coming. If you’ve got any ideas you’d like me to try, or questions/corrections on the posts already up, please don’t be shy. I’m loving writing this blog and I’ll do my best to keep the posts regular now that I’ll be working.




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