Banana-Oat Bread.

Wel I survived my first day at work, and I’ve still got the energy to blog! I’m sure I’ll fall asleep straight after dinner though so while that cooks, I’ll tell you about my banana-oat bread.

It’s yummy.

I’ve made banana bread a bunch of times, whenever I end up with bananas that need cooking (read: look brown and sad and are attracting fruit flies). If you’ve got overripe bananas by the way and you can’t be bothered to cook them up right then, chuck them in the fridge or freezer until you get the energy.

I decided to add oats this time as I accidentally bought way more than I need. Like, there were already two packs in the cupboard when I put the new one away. So I found this recipe that looked yummy and do-able. I switched out the brown sugar for raw as that’s what I had, used two whole eggs instead, and ignored the bit where it said fat-free before the word ‘milk’ because fat-free isn’t how i do things. Use your own discretion as far as those kind of decisions go.

This was my finished product:



I topped a slice of it with my homemade butter (which is running low already, gotta make more tomorrow I reckon). This isn’t too sweet a cake/bread/whatever and with the saltiness of the butter it makes for absolute yumminess.

Okay that’s all for now, let me know what you think! And big thanks for all the support, both in work and in blog and in life. You guys rock.




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