Peanut Butter.

One of the main reasons I started on this whole self-made bent was to reduce those moments in life where I get frustrated, or disappointed, or dissatisfied from things not being quite how I want them. I’m trying to turn those moments into opportunities where I can ask myself how to improve things (ugh, I sound so self-righteous in that sentence. Sorry. I just would rather not have annoyingness in my life, is what I mean). For instance, in Australia I could get good quality 100% peanuts peanut butter at a decent price from any supermarket. Here, I’ve found one brand that sells it at one supermarket in the entire city, and it’s expensive. About twice the cost of the Aussie stuff. All the other brands (even at the organics stores!) have either salt, oil, or sugar added. Most of them have sugar and most Germans don’t seem to think it’s ‘really’ peanut butter if it’s not sweet. Fussy ol’ me thinks otherwise.


So this is what I started with, and I got shelling. Honestly, it’s pretty slow going to shell a lot of peanuts at once. I had to empty my shells bowl five or six times before I got through the pack. If you’re not so patient, buy pre-shelled peanuts – but not pre-salted (pre-salted nuts have extra, often not-peanut oil added to make the salt stick. If you want salty peanut butter add it yourself). Anyway, once I had all my little guys shelled, I got out my trusty barmix and got mixing. I was expecting peanut-dust everywhere but it wasn’t too bad. Soon enough the bar mix clogged up so I used a knife to unclog it. Stop the mixer before you do this, obviously. I like crunchy peanut butter so I left some chunky bits:



This was actually a bit too crunchy, it got blended a bit more after this. So I went from about a litre of peanuts in shells to this:


Sorry again for my bad photography. I was hungry and in a hurry for my yummy tuna pasta bake dinner. You can see here how much mess you get making though, which by my standards isn’t much.

I made more butter yesterday and have buttermilk left over to perhaps make more soda bread, and I think the combination of those with this peanut butter will be a good one.

Hope you like it, let me know what you think!



P.S. Just about every time I’ve types ‘peanut’ my fingers have actually typed ‘prenut’ for this entry. Weird.


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