**reblogging from my other blog where I accidentally posted this two days ago**

I’m back at the sewing machine after a couple of days without any thread. Just a simple one this time – I made some napkins. The reason behind it was to save on waste and also to save a bit of money in the long run.

I’m absolutely a napkin person. Some people only use them if they’ve made a mess of themselves, or just at the end of the meal, but I’ll use my napkin between just about every bite. So maybe I overdo it. Anyway, we go through a lot of napkins in our house so I thought I’d get on the reusable bandwagon.

I got some fairly thin 100% cotton check print. I actually bought it in green a few weeks ago and then blue more recently. I’ve only got pics of the blue though. Decide what size you’re after – I made the green about twelve inches square but that’s a little too small, so I made the blue about eighteen inches square. Iron your fabric first and cut your squares. The all it takes is to hem them up. fold in a side, using a ruler to keep it even, iron the fold. Then fold it in again, iron again so your raw edge is hidden. Pin down and repeat on the other edges.


Now, before you sew up the sides you’ll need to cut a little of the bulk out of the corners. Open up your folded corners and cut at 45 degrees, making sure not to cut too much – use your folds as a guide.


Sorry for my lack of photography skills! So once your corners are all trimmed, pin your folded edges and corners and get sewing. I just used a simple straight stitch. Well, my stitching isn’t totally straight when it’s mean to be but no-one will be looking too closely, right…? I’m getting better though. The blue napkins look way better than the green :)


(not shown: dodgy green napkins)

So that’s about it! This is probably not a project for those who can’t stand ironing, as you’ll have to iron before reuse I reckon. Or use them wrinkly if you like, they still work the same. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas about saving money or minimising waste around the home?




3 thoughts on “Napkins.

  1. Hi Luci! I’m really enjoying your posts.You’ve inspired me- got the sewing machine down. It’s not been turned on yet, but hey a girls gotta start somewhere! I’m thinking I’ll sew some draw string bags. Lots of love, Becky

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