Cold Season Gardening: Part 1.

So I’m about to experience my first autumn in Germany. Summer was lovely, and I’m just starting to realise why people appreciated the warm weather so much: it stops. I mean of course I know the natural progression of seasons at least in theory, and I experienced spring earlier in the year as a transition from freezing to hot, but I’ve never gone from hot to cold like it will do here. Australia doesn’t have much of that sort of thing, and not at all where I grew up.

Anyway, part of that means I don’t get to have my fresh tomatoes, herbs, etc on my balcony anymore. I still want to try to have a little garden so a few weeks ago I bought a few random packets of seeds and decided to try to get an indoor garden going. These were my experimental seeds:


Beans, parsley, carrots, spinach, and feldsalat which is a type of salad green that’s mild and good to cook with or eat raw. I also had some chive seeds form my balcony chives that had seeded and died off recently. So with my six seed types, I filled an egg carton’s egg cup bits with soil, and put one type of seed in each cup. I made a diagram on the inside of the lid to keep track of what’s where. I didn’t get any pictures of this stage as I wasn’t really sure I’d have any follow-up – now I know to take pics no matter what. Skip forward to yesterday, and all but the beans are happy little seedlings now. So I took one of my long balcony pots that only had dead or dying herbs in it, removed the corpses, and added my seedlings. I’ve found a spot for them on the window sill of our spare room, which I’ve pretty much commandeered as my DIY/sewing/blogging/computer room. I just took all the dirt from the egg cup and stuck it straight in the big pot. Apparently you can also plant the cardboard and it’ll just decompose over time, but I didn’t end up doing that.

So this is part one of at least a two part DIY trial. I’m hoping everything grows (the beans had started to sprout but just hadn’t made it out of the dirt yet so they got transplanted too), and I’ll keep you updated. Here’s what they look like today:



That’s Morla, my world-travelling Aussie cat. She wonders why I’m paying attention to boring plants when she wants cuddles. 

Well I’m off out of town for the weekend, going to the forest, so I’m not going to post tomorrow and possibly not until Monday. I hope you have a great weekend! Also if you’ve got any good indoor gardening tips let me know. It’s obviously too late now for these plantlings (because doesn’t seedling mean little seeds, when really they’re giant overgrown seeds?) but it’s good to have more info down the line 🙂




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