A Red Refashion.

Well we’re back from a lovely weekend of exploring castles and indulging in good wine and delicious food. I wasn’t actually planning on posting today but I needed something to wear to work tomorrow, and so I got to refashioning.

A pretty big part of my inspiration for sewing and recycling/upcycling clothes came from this blog, and although she’s half my size so our preferred style is totally different, she has some great ways of turning old clothes into something new. I’ve refashioned a few things so far but this time I took a few progress pics, so here goes!

So I had an old dress that I absolutely love, but it had become unwearable as it was stretched out and shapeless.


The fabric was mostly still good, though, so I decided to turn it into a top. I found a T-shirt in my cupboard that is a great fit but not something I wear everyday, and made a pattern from it.



I found some cheap brown-paper wrapping paper in a bargain store here recently, and it makes for great cheap pattern making material. Apparently butcher’s paper is even better but I’m not sure where to buy that from here, and this wrapping paper works nicely.

So then I cut out the dress around the paper pattern, and sewed it all together. 


I used my twin needle at first, but then somehow managed to do this:


Yep, snapped off both points. So I used a zigzag stitch instead which works okay. I’ll but a new twin needle this week though as it really does make for better looking seams and hems in stretchy material. 

Anyway, I’m happy with how this turned out. I kept the original buttons but sewed down the seam so the buttons are just for show, as it was gaping a little more than needed over the years.

What do you think?


Hope you all had a great weekend. Catch you soon!




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