Shoe Bag.

So I’ve been a little less frequent with my blog posts in the last little while, and one of the reasons is because I’ve had less time at home on weekends, as we’ve been doing little weekend trips around Germany. This past weekend we went to one of my favourite German cities, Heidelberg, with some of my favourite Australians, Jarod and Laura. Laura is a Naturopath, by the way, and writes an excellent blog filled with good articles and yummy recipes and if you’re into that sort of thing you should go have a read.

Anyway, I’ve recently found myself quite often having to pack bags for a night or two away. One of the annoying things to pack, I find, is shoes. I’ve got a small suitcase that has no good pocket for shoes, so I find myself trying to balance them on top of everything and have the lid hold them in place, but I still worry about whatever icky things might be on the soles on my shoes making their way onto my clean clothes. I still had some (quite a bit, actually) of the fabric I’d used for my bread basket lining, so I decided to make a bag to take my spare shoes in. Of course I hadn’t decided at that point which shoes to take, but since I was wearing my ugg boots at the timeI just used them for the size. They’re bigger than most of my other shoes so it was a safe bet.


I put the boots on the fabric and pinned down the sides, and cut around the pins. I ended up with a folded rectangle. I sewed the sides up (two rows of stitches, shoes can be heavy). I had decided to do a drawstring closure, though you could do press studs or velcro too. I folded the top over twice and pinned it down, seam on the wrong side.


This, of course, gives a niche for the drawstring to run through but no way to get it in there, or use it if it was. So I cut a hole in the edge and stitched it up by hand.Image

Of course, then I needed a drawstring. I cut a long piece of the fabric maybe 4 inches by 2.5 times the width of the bag. I folded the the sides to the middle, ironed them down, then folded that in half to give me an inch-wide strip. Before sewing the sides down I folded the ends inside to cover the raw edges. I sewed it all up and fed the strip into the bag by attaching a safety pin to the end and pushing it through that way. I’d made the strap way too long but I guess the drawstring can double as a carry handle now…



I didn’t end up using it for the weekend though, as Dom was taking his running shoes with him and they were filthy, so I gave it to him instead. I’ll make another one for me during the week.

It was a great weekend though. Heidelberg is beautiful and I was there with the best people.


I’ve come back with a cold or something, though. Does anyone have any remedies that work on aches?




One thought on “Shoe Bag.

  1. maybe a topical application version of herbal or drug co remedies. vicks or eucalyptus . be well and dont forget the vit c and rest and not tooooooooo much of the made it myself and more of the im good to myself.xxxxxx mum

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