A Mistake.

When I started this blog I decided, and wrote, that I would admit failures as well as successes. This one isn’t a failure of the DIY itself but rather of my bigger-picture view of things. Let me explain.

Recently, I put up a recipe for homemade natural lip balm. That recipe is great; this mistake had nothing to do with the recipe or ingredients used. Now, I hadn’t planned enough ahead of time and so I forgot to buy a couple of items that would have made things go better. These were vitamin E oil (as a natural preservative), and new containers for the lip balm. I decided to go ahead anyway, using refrigeration in place of the vitamin E and recycling old tubs, which I had enough of still. I decided to boil the old tubs after wiping out the excess old balm. The tubs didn’t look any different after boiling and so I dried them off, set them aside ready for use, and made my lip balm. Once filling the tubs I discovered that the lids no longer fit the tubs. After berating myself for making a very predictable mistake, decided to just cover the tubs with cling wrap until I needed them. I had two tubs still in use and I figured I could just swap the lids from them over to the newly filled tubs as needed. The rest would stay in the fridge, as they last longer that way. 

Now I have raw-onion-flavoured lip gloss. There was half an onion left after cooking one night so I wrapped that in cling wrap too and put it in (dammit!) the same compartment as the lipgloss. It turns out that that stuff absorbs smells and flavours really well…

After a quick google I discovered that this isn’t the weirdest flavoured lip balm ever though of.



It sure did taste awful though so I need to throw it all away, order new containers, and stop paying attention to the pickle balm picture, no matter how suggestive it is.

Well I’ve admitted that now, and I feel better. 




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