Making a Nice Shirt Fit.

So I found this nice shirt in the op shop a little while ago, cream with dark brown stripes, and wanted it. I forgot to take a before shot but this is the pattern:


Huh. Doesn’t look so impressive here. Well I liked it anyway.

Unfortunately it was an XL and swam on me. It was cheap though, so I bought it with the intention of taking it in and wearing it to work. Then it sat in my sewing/blogging room for a few weeks. But today I got my arse into gear and tailored it to myself. The shirt, not my arse. That fits as well as it ever will.

I plan to buy myself a dressmaker’s doll at some point, or make one, but until then I take clothes in the old-fashioned way. Put it on inside-out and pin it in as best I can. I bought a pack of 120 safety pins a while back and they are so good for pinning clothes. Straight pins fall out or stab me, so safety pins are the way to go. I always pin just one side and then take it off and pin the other side to match. Then I sewed it up and tried it on (always try on before cutting off the excess, just in case!). Luckily it fit, so the superfluous fabric got chopped off and I called it done. Now I’ve got something to wear to work on Monday 🙂


Have a great weekend! I’m planning to go to a farmer’s market tomorrow and a second-hand market on Sunday (or maybe tomorrow as well…). So I will probably get inspired and buy WAY too much, and I’m looking forward to it – wish me luck!




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