Super Easy Olive Dip.

We have houseguests this weekend – my fiancee’s dad and step mum – so I’m sneaking in a quick bit of blogging before they wake up. Aren’t I industrious? Weird…

Anyway, Germans love their fresh bread rolls and cold meats, cheeses and spreads as breakfast. I already (as always these days) have homemade butter in the fridge, but I wanted something else on the breakfast table that was made by me. Aside from the bread basket, of course. So yesterday I bought some olives.

I always use black olives for this as that’s how I learned to make it (from my sister Petra). You could probably experiment with other olives, but I use the black ones. Plus they give an excellent colour at the end, too.

I could only find black olives that still had the stones in them, so I got to stone removing. 


Does anyone know a quicker/cleaner way to de-stone olives? I know you can buy a special device for it but I”m talking just at home with normal utensils. This way just seemed too messy. Anyway, I ended up with a bowl of olive meat. To turn it in to dip I just pureed it briefly with my trusty stick blender (I really must buy more machines for my kitchen), and added a little sour cream. You could leave the sour cream out if you want, or use a natural yoghurt instead. Add the sour cream and mix through, tasting as you go until it is at the right level of creaminess for you.

And that’s it!


Isn’t it a pretty colour? I leave my dip a little chunky, as I like having the texture. You could blend longer if you prefer it smoother.

I hope you’re having a great weekend so far!




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