Smoke Pouch.

AKA my first commissioned work!

There are way more smokers here in Germany than in Australia. I am one of four staff members in my area at work, and I’m the only non-smoker. So while I’m not pro-smoking, I’m pretty tolerant (the smokers in my family just rolled their eyes. What can I say, moving across the world has changed me, I guess). Anyway, a new colleague of mine got excited when she found out about my DIY experiments, and asked if I could make her a pouch for roll-your-own tobacco. I have a bunch of old pairs of jeans in my fabric stash that my lovely man Dom was getting rid of, and I thought denim was a nice tough fabric to choose, so I got sewing.

I needed the dimensions of the tobacco packet from my colleague, as I am bad at guessing. It turns out if I had’ve estimated it would have been WAY too big, so good thing I didn’t hey? Anyway, I used my new favourite toys:


Yep, I’ve invested in a rotary cutter and mat. It makes cutting out fabric way easier, and more accurate. I know I’m a nerd but it’s exciting!

Anyway, I cut my fabric with plenty of hem allowance – denim gets really thick at folds and my sewing machine is older than me so I have to be respectful. Leaving a good wide hem makes less thickness to get through.




I wanted to include a little pocket for papers, so in keeping with the upcycling theme I took off one of the back pockets from the jeans, shortened it to fit inside the pouch, and attached it to the back inside of the pouch, like so:




Pinned pocket


Before I sewed all the seams down, I opened up the corners and cut off some of the excess, and from the corners of the pocket too. I decided on black stitching as I didn’t have the tan colour most often used with denim. I think it ended up looking alright, if you ignore my dodgy stitching.

Done closed


Then I added a couple of press studs to hold it closed (hand stitching and stabbing myself with the needle in the process), and that was that!

Open done


Then I wrapped it up, so I can deliver it on tomorrow. It was an interesting project, and while I think I could have researched the design a bit more I am happy with my off the cuff (haha, bad pun) style.

Wrapped done

I hope you’ve had a great Sunday,




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