Tidying Things Up A Bit.

Every now and then I get this urge to clean, tidy and organise some part of my home. Sometimes it’s just little things like actually packing books into the bookshelf instead of on top of it; sometimes I try to colour-code my wardrobe, which lasts about two outfit changes. This week I attacked my office/workroom desk.

My desk has two computers, a sewing machine, a pile of German-language books and notes, and a whole lot of what can only be described as mess. After half an hour of putting things where they should go, and cleaning off the dust and loose threads, I was left with a relatively tidy desk. And this stuff, which I couldn’t find a home for.



It’s not a whole lot, I know, but after cleaning everything else, this stuff bothered me. So I decided to make a hanging pen (etc) holder to hang from my cork board just behind my desk. 



Two pockets of different heights to accommodate my flotsam seemed about right. I made it an arbitrary width – using a scrap of yellow cotton I had lying around. I should have interfaced the back, to give it a bit more support, but I may go back and do that later. I had initially thought I’d just pin it directly to the board but then I remembered I had yellow ribbon, so I made little hanging loops. This stuff was annoying to line up under the needle on my machine, but after a few tries and some swearing I got them attached.


After testing the carry-all, I decided to stitch up the middle to stop sagging.



And that’s really all for this one. I put it up on the wall and filled it with my bits n bobs, and then proceeded to keep sewing and therefore make more mess, but it was a productive venture nonetheless!



Definitely need to go back and interface, though. One day…

Hope you’re having a great Monday!




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