I have a cold, so I’m home on the couch feeling sorry for myself and I decided I should share this cold remedy with you. I have mentioned it as part of a previous post but since I’ve been living off the stuff today, I thought I’d mention it again.


This is something my parents introduced me to when I was so young i can’t remember. The taste is therefore so familiar and comforting to me, that the psychological effects are also beneficial. For those who didn’t grow up with it though, it’s great for soothing a sore throat and relieving the sinuses, I find.

Simply find a jar with a good tight-fitting lid, and fill about halfway with honey, then top up with apple cider vinegar. I don’t like mine too sweet so I tend to add a tiny bit more vinegar than honey, but each to their own.

Put the lid on the jar, and even tape it on if you’re worried about leaks. Then mix well. Shake and shake until all the globs of honey are dissolved into the vinegar. If you’re using particularly thick honey, you might want to sit the jar in some warm water to soften the honey a little to speed things up. 



Ignore my messy kitchen (that’s an important step…). Pour a small amount of the mixture as shown into a glass, then top up with either plain water or my favourite – soda water. It bubbles like crazy so pour slowly!



I tend to just sip at it throughout the day. It really helps to keep the scratchy-throat feeling down!




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