A Little Denim Bag.

Christmas is looming and I feel as if I should hand-make every christmas present. This is definitely not going to be possible, but I will make some and today I finished off one. This is another creation from old pairs of jeans from Dom, and I’m quite satisfied with it. I love the colour variations that old denim gets, and the softness of the material. 



I didn’t get too many progress photos, but I’ll describe what I did as best as possible. I cut two equal sized rectangles of jeans leg, making sure to keep the seam in the middle as shown. The rectangles were about 20cm by 30cm. I sewed one long edge of each together, and made a rectangle of lining material the same size.


I pinned two darts per side at what will become the top edge, and added a covering piece of denim slightly longer than the darted edge. Then I sewed it all down.


I wasn’t exactly sure how to finish it off (I’d seen a tutorial on how to make this bag but I’d lost the link and only remembered up to this point). I ended up sewing a few pieces of jeans leg together to make a piece about 80cm long and 12cm or so wide. Then I ironed it flat, then in half, opened it up and ironed the raw edges to the middle, then back in half again to make a nice casing. I sewed the remaining raw edges of the bag into the new casing strap, with the ends at the base of the bag and a good length of handle left above. 

A funky old button and a loop of elastic to hold the top closed, and it’s all done!  I think it worked out nicely and I hope it will be well received in a couple of weeks (eek! So little time!) at christmas.



I hope your festive plans are going well! Are you hand-making any presents this year (and want to give me some ideas)?




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