Spiced Apple Oats.

I’m still home sick this week, and combining that with the dreary wintery weather means I’m constantly in the mood for comfort food. This morning I decided to make a big bowl of warm oats for breakfast. Noticing my full fruit bowl, I (as happens when I plan meals while hungry) ended up elaborating on the original plan. 


I put a cup or so of water in a small pot and put it on the stove to heat. I added a teaspoon of raw sugar, a tablespoon of maple syrup, a few good shakes of cinnamon powder and a dash of nutmeg. While this was coming to the boil, I chopped an apple – a nice tart one from Dom’s dad and step-mum’s tree – into cubes.




While that was cooking down a bit I chopped up the other fruits I wanted in my breakfast. I had a mango, so that went in, and a banana too. You could add any other fruits you like – berries would be yummy! I put the extra fruit in my bowl and added a good dollop of plain yoghurt on top.


The oats need regular stirring as they cook, and once they have absorbed all the water, they’re ready to go. It takes only a few minutes. Don’t let it get too dry though or it will have the consistency of paste. Not what you want. Mine was just right though as I added it to the fruit/yoghurt bowl, and I was ready to go.


This was a huge meal, but I managed to finish it. 🙂 Once it’s all mixed through together it looks somewhat less pretty but I reccommend it for those cold winter days, or times when you just want comfort breakfast. The smell of the cinnamon and maple syrup are so warm and reassuring to me. 


What’s your favourite comfort food? 

I hope you’re somewhere warm.




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