Tourist T-Shirt into Cushion Cover.

I should probably invest in a decent office chair one of these days. My current work char is a cheap folding chair, which is a little low. I’ve been using a pile of fabric scraps as a cushion for a while (lazy? Yep!) but I decided to make something a little better. I’ve partially cannibalised a bed pillow over recent months, taking some stuffing and using it in other projects – so it was a bit deflated. I decided to combine that and one of the many men’s T-shirts from my stash and make a comfy spot for my behind! 



I cut the pillow about two-thirds of the way along the length and stuffed the larger end as full as I could, to make a nice firm cushion. I folded the raw edge in on itself and sewed it shut. I also sewed the other end closed and put that back in the stash.

I chose a T-shirt that (sorry Dom) I would never wear in a million years. I decided the Australian-ness is acceptable when not living in Australia, and when used as part of the furniture. The T was good thick cotton too, which is important. I flattened the front and back together and pinned down, then used my chalk pencil to draw a square 17 inches per side – to match my cushion with about an inch leeway. I cut out my squares. 

I decided to make ties to hold the cushion in it’s cover, and to hold it on to the chair. For this I used the convenient hem of the t-shirt. I just cut it off close to the seam, and turned the tube inside out with help of a safety pin. 


I then cut this tube into 8 pieces – 4 per side. These I pinned and sewed onto each ‘open’ edge of the cushion cover – I had marked the side I wanted at the back of the chair in chalk so I didn’t get mixed up. That is, I folded the raw edges down, pinned the strips of tube, sewed. 


Then it was just a matter of putting the right sides together, sewing down the other three sides of my cushion, and turning it right-side out.



In goes the cushion, tie tie tie go the ties. Done!


And now it’s under my bum. It’s comfy too. 

(Yes I’m in a silly mood today. It’s Friday and I’m not sick anymore, what can I say – I’m happy!)

Do you have any good ideas for T-shirt upcycling, or what to do with souvenirs when the novelty wears off?

I hope you’re having a great day!




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