White Chocolate and Nutella Pralines.

This is a recipe I found over at A Beautiful Mess recently, and I decided to take them along to my work Christmas party. Long story short: They were gone in record time. 


I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth (I also made and brought some Rosemary Crispbread to the party) but I know that many of the lovely ladies at work do indeed like the sweet stuff. The recipe goes thus:

200g dark chocolate

1 tablespoon butter

1/4 cup heavy cream

1/3 cup Nutella

200g White Chocolate

chocolate sprinkles (optional) 

Melt dark chocolate, butter, cream and Nutella in a metal bowl set over a pot of simmering water. Let cool to room temperature (pop it in the fridge to speed things up a bit if needs be). Once it’s fairly solid but still soft enough to shape, roll little bite-sized balls of the mixture. Spread on a tray and put in the freezer for about half an hour. 

While those are getting nicely solid, melt the white chocolate over simmering water. Spoon the white chocolate over the balls (or roll them in the white chocolate – but you might end up with little melty bits of dark chic in with your white like I did…). Add sprinkles to the top as you go, before the white chocolate has time to set. Put your pralines in the fridge to really set the chocolate, and eat at will! They’re really rich so you might only need one, or two. Or more. 


I ran out of white chocolate on the last few so that’s why there’s a brown one in the middle. They’re yummy like that, too.




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