Natural Shampoo.

I’ve been trying, over the last few months, to remove sodium laureth sulphate from my life. This was actually surprisingly easy – toothpaste, body wash and face cleanser were all replaced with natural options, without any real fuss. Shampoo, however, was a problem. I had tried baking soda as an option for deodorant but it burned my skin, so i didn’t want to try it as a shampoo. Honey made my already-thick hair too voluminous to handle. Then I read this post, and decided to give the castile soap mixture a go. This is a soap made from olive oil. I’m too cautious to try to make soap myself (lye and me would not be friends, i can just tell) but this stuff seems pretty natural. How’s that for endorsement? Anyway there’s no SLS in it so that’s a big step in the right direction. 


I took an old soap pump bottle that I’d saved from the rubbish bin, filled it as shown above with a centimetre or two of liquid castile soap, with about 20 drops of ylang ylang essential oil and 10 of sandalwood oil, a half teaspoon of olive oil (you could use apricot, avocado, almond or sunflower oil instead). I filled it the rest of the way with water and gave it a mix (don’t shake too hard, it will foam up out of the spout!). So I’m testing it out – so far so good. A pump or two directly into my hair in the shower and it lathers up like store-bought shampoos. Oh and i tried to hand-letter the label but it turns out I need to work out how to print labels properly.



I’ll follow with a photo of my hair in the not-too-distant future, if it works out well! OK, if it doesn’t, too… maybe… At the very least, i love having scented hair!

Do you have any DIY hair care tips? Any advice for me? I’d love to hear from you!




2 thoughts on “Natural Shampoo.

  1. You’re so cleaver Luci! I’m going to try this when I finish my curent shampoo. What about conditioner? Not needed? Look forward to hearing about the results xx Love you xx

    • So far so good, and I haven’t been using conditioner yet! I’ll give it another week or so just to check the longer-term effects and then post a pic 🙂 Thanks for the support Becky and let me know how you go once you try it! How’s everything going for you and the family? Love you too dear xo

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