A Simple Wallet.

I’ve been trying to find small projects to use up some of my scraps of fabric – waste not, want not, and all that! So I had some plain black cotton that I thought, at first, could become a little handbag. Then I looked more closely at how much was there (not so much!) and decided a wallet was a better idea.


I didn’t take measurements, but rather got the largest note in my wallet and used that as a template. Euros aren’t particularly big notes, or at least I’m pretty sure that Australian notes are bigger, so it’s probably better not to just use arbitrary sizes anyway. 

So I got my note, added a centimetre border on all sides, and made that my size for the finished wallet when closed. The wallet itself consists of: two interfaced pieces of cloth twice the size of my note (plus border, plus seam allowance).These I sewed together right-sides in, leaving a few inches gap to turn it inside out. This became the back and flap of the wallet. Note: I also, at the end, decided to add a coin pocket. This would have been best sewed in to the upper half of the inside piece before attaching it to the outside piece here. It would have been neater. Oh well.

Anyway… Another interfaced piece of cloth, also 2x note-plus-border size, was folded in half and put with raw edges facing down, on the larger piece, to become the cash holder. I then hemmed on all sides a third, note-plus-border sized piece of cloth and added that in front of the cash pocket, to become the front, and the card holder. 

Sewing all these layers together caused a few arguments between my sewing machine and I but we got there in the end. Then I added a button and a loop of fabric to the front middle of the flap, as seen above.

I decided then, though, to add a coin pocket. This is where I learned that things work out better if you think them through properly at the start. I made a top flap and a main piece for the purse, interfacing and hemming some green fabric I had. I also had some velcro so I used that to keep the pocket closed. The coin pocket worked out quite nicely actually, but the stitching is kind of visible from the front, which isn’t so good. Now I know for next time!




I think next time I’d make it a little wider, so three cards can fit side by side, as well.


(Oh, I sewed a little line of stitches down the middle of the front flap to keep the cards separated).

Overall, though, I’m happy with it. What do you think?I’ll be giving it as a gift so I hope the recipient is happy too 🙂




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