Refashioned for summer

Ever since I started sewing, I’ve been asking my everyone I know to pass on any clothes they might having lying around in their wardrobes that they don’t want, so I’ve got fabric to practice on without having having to pay for it. Sometimes, though, I try transforming things into something new. Sometimes, it even works!

This is what caught my eye recently:

before good

I love the colours and it’s a soft cotton blend which would make a great summer dress, but it had long baggy sleeves and weird rouching (or whatever it’s called) on the front. So, first to get rid of that weird front detail-y stuff.

removing weird stitches

After getting rid of that and giving it a good iron, I was left with this to work with:

big n shapeless

Hrm. Well, next to get it to fit a bit better. I put it on inside out and used safety pins to get it just right:

Inside out pinned

Looking a bit better, but a bit like i have sails! So off to the trusty sewing machine to sew up those sides, then trim off the excess (this is a non-fraying fabric, woo hoo!).


All that was left is the arms. First I chopped them off just above the elbow:

sleeves off good view


Then after a bit of trial and error adjusting the sleeve length, I got it looking pretty good. So sew and chop off the excess, and time for the try-on of truth:

finished good


That’ll do! I’m very happy with my new summer dress, and now that the rain has gone away I may get to take it for a test run. Morla isn’t so sure…

Morla under umbrella






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