Lip Balm.

This is one I’ve been making for about two years now. I wanted to get off of the petroleum-based lip glosses that make up the bulk of the store-bought gloss. Rubbing petrol on your mouth just seems like something to be avoided. I’m not really into flavoured or scented lip gloss either but this recipe can be altered to suit your tastes.

So I start with this stuff:


Beeswax pellets, almond oil, shea butter and vanilla extract. The vanilla is optional, or exchangeable for any other flavour you’re into. Just a note – don’t use lavender, it’s not tasty… You’ll also need little containers to keep it in. I buy everything online. Let me know if you want details. One other thing that I always forget to buy is vitamin E oil capsules. Vitamin E is a natural oil preservative so it’s handy if you make a lot at once. I just keep my spares in the fridge which preserves it too.

My usual recipe is 2 parts shea butter (I usually go with a dessert spoon as one ‘part’), 1 to 1.5 parts beeswax, 3 parts almond oil. Melt this all in a metal bowl placed over a pan of simmering water – but don’t get any water in your mix! Once it’s all melted, take it off the heat. If you’re adding vitamin E, break open a few capsules (2-3 is enough) and pour in the oil, mixing well. This is also when you add your vanilla or whatever flavour – be sparing, you don’t need much! Some people add artificial sweeteners here but I’m not keen on those in any way at all. Not the sweeteners themselves, not sweet lipgloss either. Your call on that one. Anyway, mix up everything and carefully spoon it into your containers. Leave the lids off until it cools, which will look like this:


If you put the lids on when it’s still liquid, you can end up with the whole thing coming out stuck to the lid. Annoying to get back into the tub!

A 10ml container of this lasts me a month or so, and I use quite a lot of it.

A weird aside – put a little of this on sandfly or mozzie bites to reduce inflammation and scarring. Well, it works for me anyway.

All done!


What do you think? Hope you like it. Let me know if you’ve got a favourite flavour or scent for your lip balm!




UPDATE: As requested, here is where I sourced my containers and ingredients. Please note that I am not encouraging/advertising/endorsing these brands or anything like that, I’m just saying what I found at a reasonable price with a reasonable shipping cost, when buying from here in Germany.

Beeswax pellets

Shea Butter

Vanilla Essential Oil

Almond Oil


🙂 Luci



I’m back from the wedding and it went really well. We had the best weather in weeks, and there was much eating, drinking, and being merry. In the aftermath of all that romance, I want to focus on something sweet.


I guess this is more of a tip than a DIY, but I wanted to share a couple of uses I have for good ol’ honey.

Face cleanser

After hearing a lot of negative press surrounding sulphates in beauty products, I’m trying to use more natural options if I can find them. I had read somewhere that honey can be used as a gentle cleanser and gave it a go. My skin has never been better! I just keep a bottle in the shower and use it each morning. Following it with pure coconut oil as a moisturiser has been great for my skin. Weirdly, I think the combination has actually reduced some of my eye-wrinkles, but maybe they just weren’t quite as bad as I remembered. Anyway it smells amazing.

Sore throat remedy

Anyone who knows me would have had this pushed upon them suggested for a sore throat remedy. Mix equal parts honey and apple cider vinegar in a jar, shake until blended. Put a centimetre or two of this mix (maybe 20-30 ml?) in a glass of water and drink. This is actually a remedy my parents have used for us kids all my life and so the taste for me is comforting, familiar, and delicious. Some people aren’t into the idea of drinking vinegar but it’s honestly worth a try. Trust me…

Shaving Cream

I’d also read somewhere that honey can be used to combat post-shaving dry skin. I’ve always had dry skin and I thought that it was simply a race to get moisturiser on my legs before the skin starts to itch. But after using honey for leg and underarm shaving, my skin has been much better behaved. My shower-honey is pretty cheap stuff in a squeeze bottle but if you buy it just check that it’s actually only honey – some really cheap brands will dilute the honey with sugar syrup.

Possible Allergy Treatment

This one seemed to make sense at first but after thinking about it and reading a bit more I’m doubtful. The idea is, if you eat local honey it may contain some of the pollen you’re allergic to, and you can build up a resistance to it through eating a little honey each day. That made sense to me so I started adding a little to my morning porridge. Then I found an article saying that this has minimal effect as the flowers that use bees to pollinate them aren’t much of an allergen – it’s the flowers that rely on the wind to send the pollen that we react to usually. So the morning honey was a bit useless in that respect. I still eat it though, as it’s yummy. Apparently it has plenty of nutritional goodness too, though obviously it’s still primarily a sugar source.

I think to cover my own bum I have to say that I’m not medically or beauty-ly trained and these tips are only what has worked for me. Follow at your own risk.

Do you have any tips for use with honey or other natural products? Let me know in the comments!