Earrings and castles.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like me some earrings. Big dangly earrings, cheap and cheerful or whatever you’d call them. So I’ve recently bought myself a few tools and supplies and I got a-making. I was pretty unsure of how they’d turn out so I didn’t get any progress photos, but here’s the finished product, what do you think?

photo 1


Well consider this just the first little bit of what may become an addiction, home-made earrings, uh-oh! More to come 🙂

But the other thing I wanted to share was from a couple of weeks ago when Dom and I went to Bavaria for the weekend. We went here:


Wait, here’s a version without those people getting in the way…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

Yes we went away for our anniversary, down to south Germany to the alps in Bavaria, and it was just spectacular. This is Castle Neuschwanstein (new swan stone, named after the swans that were a symbol of the ruling family at the time), which I always think of as the Disneyland castle. I can’t believe I took that photo! We had a long weekend of hiking and good food in a beautiful part of the world, which I highly recommend.

Summer is over now, there’s a real feel of autumn in the air. The leaves have even begun to fall. Does anyone have suggestions for good autumn-y things? Recipes, seasonal decorations, anything? I’d love to hear from you!





Rainy Day Blueberry Pancakes

August is supposed to be the hottest part of summer here, but I think the weather is trying to remind me of back home in Oz, because it’s been cold and rainy and really Melbourne-ish weather here for the last week or so. Bad weather makes me hungry, so on Sunday morning I decided that gorging on pancakes was the way to go.

on a plate with condiments behind

grey sky


We’d been to a little farmer roadside fruit and veg stand the day before, hoping to find fresh strawberries, but they were out. And we got caught in a sudden freezing downpour. But on the upside, we got half a kilo of fresh delicious blueberries. And so of course they had to be incorporated into breakfast on Sunday!

all fruity

Basic pancake mix is: 

1 egg

1 cup self-raising flour

1 cup milk

pinch salt

That’s it! But I embellished on this mix and added:

about half a cup of blueberries

1 tablespoon icing sugar (or castor sugar, I just used what  had)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Mix ingredients (minus berries) thoroughly, adding milk if it’s too thick and making sure to get out any big lumps. Once mixed, add the blueberries and stir through.

Add a little butter to a medium-hot pan. Ladle some batter mix onto the pan and tilt the pan back and forth a little, until you get a fairly even spread of mix. Cook for a couple of minutes, then flip. I keep my pancakes on a plate in a 50 degree oven until all are done, so they stay warm.

To serve, my absolute favourite topping is maple syrup with whipped cream, and adding any leftover blueberries (or any fruit, we had some raspberries in the fridge so they go in on the pancake love too). A squeeze of lemon juice and a little sugar sprinkled over is pretty yum-o as well. Here’s a gratuitous condiment shot:

kinda arty

So enjoy, I know I did!

Sorry for not posting last week by the way. Never fear, I’m not going anywhere. Scheduling is back to normal 🙂



It’s a Lamp!

(imagine the title being read in the same way Admiral Ackbar says “it’s a trap!” in Return of the Jedi. Yep I’m feeling nerdy!)

So I managed to break my bedside lamp a while ago (ok, several months ago…) in the most lame of ways – I dropped a tube of lip gloss onto the glass lampshade and it made a perfect little hole in the side and a shower of glass splinters. I wish I’d taken a photo as it was quite cute but yeah broken glass doesn’t work as a bedroom feature. Not in my house at least, some people might be into it though, who knows?

Anyway, I’ve been living without a bedside lamp ever since, using the torch app on my phone when I want to read in bed. This isn’t ideal so I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement, with the thought that I might try to DIY something (maybe even make a replacement lampshade as the rest of it is still totally fine). I had spontaneously bought a string of cheap white LED lights a while back with the thought that maybe I’d use them on our balcony but hadn’t got round to stringing them up. Then I was at a second hand market a little while ago and saw a big ol’ glass bottle that gave me an idea, so i forked out the 5 euros and brought it home. 



I don’t know if this even counts as a DIY but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I just fed the string of lights in and let them pool in the bottom of the bottle, with just a few leading up to the neck as the light-less section of cord was relatively short, but the little light poking out at the top makes it seem vaguely lantern-like to me. The light it throws is soft and lovely thanks to the kinda smoky-gold colour of the glass, but still bright enough to read by. Very important for me 🙂

What do you think? It’s something different and a little decorative, which is a big step for me as I usually go for strictly practical household items but I’m trying to branch out a little!

good needs cropping