Summer Dress Part 2.

Well, it’s the coldest part of winter, what better time to make a summer dress…?

This is a follow on from the first instalment,which was little more than a teaser. But I got my bum in gear and actually managed to put together a functional item of clothing, woo hoo! But first things first:



I plan to use this pattern again so I had to fold in all the larger sizes and longer version options on the pieces of pattern, after cutting them out (I am so slow at this stuff). Laying the pieces out seemed to take a long time – I must find out what the trick is to this step. But eventually I got to the nerve-wracking step of cutting the fabric and managed to not mess it up! Yay! Then I had to work out the instructions. Thankfully they had pictures, as the German instructions were pretty hard to translate. The first few steps had me make this, which didn’t look like much:


But the next steps helped me turn that into this:



Big n’ shapeless, but a recognisable part of a dress. So far, so good! I didn’t get any of the skirt-making in photos, but once I had that attached I got very excited as I had a dress-shaped thing! Putting in the zipper was a bit tricky and I think I could have done it a bit better, but I know that for next time.


Then I put on the dress, zipped it up (the zipper works!) and discovered it looked like this…


Shapeless and unflattering, and just the wrong length. I’d followed the instructions which said for sizing, go by the bust measurement, but apparently I’m an unusual shape because none of the rest of the dress fit properly anywhere. Luckily I’m much more experienced with taking in clothes, so after some quick pinning and some sewing, shape was re-discovered. I took it up a little to make it look a bit less 1950s, and this is the result:


(not pictured: ugg boots. It’s bloody cold here!).

So that’s my first attempt at a grown-up sewing project, and I’m looking forward to wearing it in the summertime! Only 5 more months to go…

What do you think? Do you have any tips to make sewing from a pattern easier? Leave a comment below!



P.S. I actually finished this last week but delayed blogging about it in order to visit Prague for the weekend. So that’s where my priorities lie. 🙂