New Life for an Old Band T-Shirt.

I’ve always suspected that men’s T-shirts are made of a nicer fabric than women’s. Men’s T’s just feel nicer. So I don’r let Dom throw out any of his old shirts. They come into my sewing room and I see what I can make of them. This particular T is one I couldn’t resist – what self-respecting Aussie girl living in Germany (with a Heavy Metal freak of a man, no less) does’t have an ACDC T-shirt?


Not me, that’s for sure! Not now, anyway. But I had to turn it from acres of soft shapeless fabric into something I would actually wear out in public. It looked like this, to start with:


And I look like a girl wearing a man’s T-shirt. Comfy, but it’s indoor-only wear. So I got a-cutting and a-sewing. I took it in on the sides first, making it girl-shaped. This worked pretty well but the sleeves were then a sensible elbow-length. Not very rock’n’roll. So off came the sleeves. I gave it a slightly lower neckline, sewed up all the raw edges, tried it on and lo and behold – a cool new shirt for me! Woo hoo! I forgot to take progress photos (this is rapidly becoming a trademark of mine, sorry! Will strive for more progress pics from here on. Belated new years resolution…). What do you think of the finished product?